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Wow. I have a journal. I never knew. >.>

In any case, I know it sad that I'm here...posting in a journal just to keep me busy instead of actually updating my art. .____. I'm sad. In any case.....

This was from Searonix of whom my sister told me to do cause I'm bored. Yes.

Choose 12 of my characters. Here goes. :D

1. Hitaru- My first rp character ever made. She's a petty thief who isn't good at stealing/running/hiding. In fact, her only good point is probably talking too loud and being annoying. Sadly, she was kind of fun to play. Died in a roleplay after getting stabbed by a dark knight.

2. Jin- My second rp character of whom is still my favorite to this day. He's a wandering swordsman who basically has a case of amnesia though he doesn't think he does. A nice clumsy swordsman who is hard to hate and be hated. Funny though cause at the same time, he's a killer. XP Won't say too much only because it'll spoil the fun.

3. Shek- The second male character I made. He was one of my favorites, the lone wolf type, but at the same time, I didn't like playing him too much. My friends know him as the guy that mutters alot. He carries a crystal around his  neck and is virtually immortal unless it breaks. :D

4. En- Also known as Nibel Lorgancroft. He's a sarcastic pessimistic twin gunner with runes inscribed on both his arms. Not a lone wolf, he tends to have people hate him. Awesomely fun to play. I love making those sarcastic comments that just get people so angry. XP

5. Radel- Basically the FOIL of En in the rp. Happy short red-head with excessive energy. He's not proficient in weapons but is pretty good when it comes to medicine. This guys looks much like a girl. He was basically created for moral support in the roleplay.

6. Riyumi- A female Blademaster in my Fragment roleplay. She was at first an NPC infected with a virus who eventually switched to a PC skin to prevent getting deleted. Somewhat happy klutz who doesn't understand internet slang or a world outside of the game. Her purpose is much greater though. XP

7. Liednier- A male Wavemaster and hacker who created Riyumi. His real name is never disclosed. He created Riyumi at first as a playmate after his parents turned comatose in the real world and eventually as he gets more depressed, gave her a mission to basically screw the world over. Or save it, it depends on how you see it.

8. Baralai- A male Blademaster. Also administrator and head of the Virus Control department. Nobumasa in real life. A drunk in real life with laid back personality who usually doesn't do work. It's a wonder how he ever was chosen to work at such a high position in CCorp.

9. Aeki- A female Wavemaster. Head assistant of the Virus Control department. Yotoko in real life. She basically runs the Virus Control department and the debugging team as Baralai usually leaves the work for her. A workaholic and extremely formal. Created as mostly a FOIL for Baralai.

10. Airen- A low ranking SOLDIER who has barely any exposure to Mako. Cowardly and spineless. He's easily embarrassed around pretty girls and gets even clumsier when it comes to superiors. Still, his past is mostly a fabrication as part of Hojo's Lifestream project. His body is mostly made from Materia so he can use it by will. Still, it kills him a little bit every time. D:

11. Cathari- Head of a the Medical Department. She has a mechanical body. aside from her left arm and her head. Originally lived in Mideel and was caught in the destruction. Her body fell into the Lifestream after Ultima Weapon attacked it. The radiation destroyed most of her body until she was infused with mechanical parts. The radiation still continues to eat away at what's left of her. D:

12. Azanaru En- I'm aware I recycled the name. XP He's a Jounin in Konoha and the epitome of lazy. Likes to drift about and usually isn't aware of where he's going or of where he is for that fact. Genjitsu specialist.

Alrighty! That's 12. :D On with the questions!

1. Who would make a better couple, 4 and 5 or 2 and 11?
o.O Well first of En hates Radel's guts. I made that clear when they first met.  Also, they both don't swing that way. O.o And Jin and Cathari? Dood, they live in different time periods. I'm pretty sure Cathari won't mind Jin, but being who she is, once she finds out who he really is, I'm pretty sure she won't hesitate to kill him.

2. 6 and 12 are marooned on an inhospitable desert island with no food or water, only a single-shot pistol. Who gets shot?
Riyumi vs. Azanaru. Good question... >.> Well if Riyumi gets shot, she won't die. And yet at the same time, Azanaru probably wont' get shot because of his specialties in Genjistu... Hrm... I think Azanaru wouldn't have the heart to shot Riyumi and Riyumi, seeing as she doesn't need food, wont' bother him either.

3. Would 9 cheat off of 3's test?
Would Aeki cheat off of Shek?! Holy crap, hell no!. First off she's a stickler for rules and such. Not to mention she's intelligent and wouldn't need to cheat in the first place. Besides, Shek would probably slash her throat if she did. XP

4. 1 and 7 duel. What is it over, and who wins?
Hitaru vs. Liednier. Hrm... I honestly don't know what it would be over since their goals are very different. Still, if it were fist to fist, Hitaru would fall really quick. XP Liedier's a hacker after all, he'd just slam her with some uber strong spell.

5. Walking home late at night, 2 realizes 8 is following him/her ominously. What do they do?
O___O Baralai following Jin ominously? Baralai doesn't have the capacity to be ominous. If it were Jin after all, he'd probably just turn around and ask what he was doing. I'm pretty sure if things got bad, they'd fight. XP But Jin's a nice guy. He wouldn't do anything rash. ...And neither would Baralai.

6. What might an accurate fortune cookie predict of 6's future?
"Be wary of your friends." Sadly enough, I don't think Riyumi has too bright of a future. u___u She already gets betrayed by Liednier and eventually has to try and destroy her other friends. It's sad.

7. What would 10 be voted in the yearbooks "Most Likely To:" section?
"Most Likely to run away from a poogle." That cowardly Airen. XP

8. How long does 1 last in boot camp?
Boot camp? Hitaru can hardly survive normally seeing as she scraps for a living. If she were somewhat skilled in thieving, then perhaps she'd survive longer. But she's not. So I'd say probably a minute before she starts running for her life.

9. After a rough week, 4 goes to the spa and gets the works. 7 walks in and sees 4 all mud-and-cucumbered-up. What does 4 do?
En would shoot the crap out of Liednier. I know already he wouldn't get caught dead in a spa. He doesn't like those places to begin with. .__. Poor Liednier. I hope he doesn't ever meet En in real life.

10. What is the first chapter of 9's autobiography titled?
"Work" or maybe "My annoying boss." XP Not very interesting. .__.

11. 11 knocks 8 out of the way of a car and is hit and killed. Does 8 go to the funeral, or just send flowers? What do they do at the funeral/ what kind of flowers?
Cathari saves Baralai. .__. Well I can see her doing that. Baralai would definately go to her funeral. He may be lazy but he has a heart. u__u. He'd be there. Now if it were Cathari that went to Baralai's funeral, she would try to reanimate him by shoving metal in his body. XP

12. What celebrity would 12 adore?
o.O Azanaru would be too lazy to admire any celebrity. After all, admiration also includes striving to be like. There's nothing striving about Azanaru XP.

13. 3 pranks 5's house. What do they do?
o___O I cant' even see Shek pranking anyone, let alone Radel's! ...I suppose if he did, Shek would do something that involves dragons and destruction. Radel would probably shout and run. There's not much he can do against ten foot dragons.

14. 10 and 2 are trapped in an elevator for 2 hours. What do they do?
Airen and Jin. :D I can imagine them becoming friends. I guess they'd just talk. Well...Airen, though he isn't good at anything, may try to fix the elevator or what not. Jin would probably just wait it out.

15. Would 6 rather go on an all-day shopping spree with 8 or 4?
Riyumi would definately enjoy it more with Baralai than En. XP However, the two don't exactly have a perfect relationship. It would be uncomfortable for Riyumi, knowing she were with an admin, and uncomfortable for Baralai knowing Riyumi wasn't normal.

16. 1 (Hitaru) and 9 (Aeki) team up to storm the Dark Lord's citadel. A mysterious stranger, 6 (Riyumi), enters with 11 (Cathari) trussed up in a sack. 12 (Azanaru) jumps out of a hidden doorway and attacks 3 (Shek) because they think that 3 (Shek) is actually 5 (Radel) in disguise. What does 4 (En) do after they are knocked over by 6 (Riyumi) dropping 11 (Cathari) on their foot as they spot 1 (Hitaru) and 9 (Aeki) sneaking through the gate?

Lotas numbers. .__.
This doesn't make any sense at all! Aeki would never team up with Hitaru and  Riyumi could never subdue Cathari enough to dump her into a sack! I can see it the other way around! And Azanaru actually taking an initiative? And attacking Shek nonetheless? And mistaking Shek for Radel? What does Azanaru have against Radel? Not to mention there's a great height different, great hair color difference, hell they don't even act alike! Shek would beat the crud out of Azanaru unless he went all ninja on him. And what does En do after he knocks Hitaru over and sees Cathari pop out of the bag and Hitaru and Aeki are sneaking through the gate?

Dood! He'd just shoot them all! .__. He's scream, "THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!" and unleash his guns like mad. ...Either that or he'd walk away and pretend none of this happened.

17. 5 and 12 are lost in a mall together, what happens?
Radel and Azanaru hm? Well, Radel would go crazy with a shopping spree and Azanaru would lost Radel without even realizing it. Nothing happens. :D

18. What would 3 do with a cell phone?
What would Shek do with a cell phone? He would use it. But not to call people. Just to stare at the screen and mutter something about friends. XP

19. 8 sees a maiden in distress, what do they do?
Baralai? o___o I seriously don't know. I never pictured him as a lady's man, but I can certainly see him start to flirt with her. And then Aeki would come and slap the crap out of him.

20. A dragon carries 7 off, what does 8 do?
Liednier gets carried off by a dragon and What does Baralai do? Save him of course. Or get Aeki to save him. Thankfully Baralai isn't as lazy as Azanaru. He'd act in dire situations. :D

21. 2 enters a watermelon in the state faire; 5 comes away with the blue ribbon for 2's watermelon, what does 2 do?
Jin has watermelons? o.O And Radel wins a ribbon? Well entirely plausible. Jin would congradulate Radel. XP His watermelon probably deserved it. :D

22. 6 has invited 8 over for dinner, what does s/he make for them?
Riyumi can't cook. o.o She doesn't have the data in her to cook. If anything, they'd probably just go adventuring in Fragment.

23. What actors would you chose to play 5 and 10 in a romantic comedy with 5 being already involved in some way with 3?
Dood they're all guys. .__. Radel and Airen? Thats just creepy. And Radel already in love with Shek?! That's creepier! The movie sucks! I wouldn't hire actors! I'd burn the script!

24. 4 and 3 are shipwrecked and escape in a boat. The only thing that they have with them is a sharp knife. What happens?
En and Shek....With a sharp knife. .__. I can't imagine the two of them talking very much. What with Shek muttering and En scowling. I guess the knife would be to kill fishies or something. >.> Shek wouldn't attack with a knife unless provoked and En...If he wanted to kill Shek he'd just do it with his guns. I'm sure the two would find some use for the knife other than stabbing each other with it. :D

O____O What a long quiz thing. >.> And it seems you Searonix really wanted to promote men and rainbows. .___. Do I tag someone? I tag Inno and Page. :D
Searonix Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
XD Yay! Someone did mah quiz thingy! At least I think you were talkin' about me...were ya? 83
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:D Yes, it was you. I kept forgetting how to do the icon thingy so I just went out and typed out your name.
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X3 I always forget that!
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