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  • Listening to: A Song by Tear, Tales of the Abyss
  • Reading: None. :D
  • Watching: D.Grayman. :D
  • Playing: .hack//GU: Redemption. :D
  • Eating: Nothing. U___u is really hungry.
  • Drinking: Nothing again. I'm so hungry...
Wow. The last time I wrote a journal entry was in 2009?

Well I'm still alive if you haven't buried me yet.

Let's see...well I graduated college. And went to grad school. And uh. I'm virtually done with that too. All that's left now is to dive head first into the video gaming industry!

Both me and Tammy (thought about adjusting the grammar here...but then I realized I could care less about proper grammar...but apparently care enough to write about it) got an internship at a local game studio here in Orlando (oh yeah. I'm in Florida now. Did I forget to mention that?) called Iron Galaxy Studios. They've made a super fun game on the Kinect called Wreckateer as well as a plethora of other ports and extra content that I won't get into here. I'm super excited to get my feet wet here since the studio is relatively small and open to tons of brand new IP.

Us twins will be working on a Tech Demo making prettiness and wonder. XD
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